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Glenn Ligon
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National Geographic 1985
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magnolia tree pattern by sanderson

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Synapsid Agenda, Matt Celeskey, 2013
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Not in Austin? WD’s Austin City Limits taping will be live streamed on Monday 8/4 at 8pm CT here.

This was the perfect way to ring in my 1 year in Austin milestone. Listening to these guys was one of my motivators to come to Austin, and seeing them perform at ACL live was more than I could ask for. Wish I could watch it again… oh wait, I can… 
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“Vårtegn” by Christine Kvistad



Richard Brody on the debate over the decline of a genre: http://nyr.kr/1xALTza

“In the eighties, the industry found that it had left its largest market, that of young people wanting to get out of the house, untapped or shunted to ludicrous beach-blanket anachronisms. After that market is served, what’s left is the equivalent of the New York Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera—or, for that matter, Bargemusic, The Stone, or IRCAM.”

Opaque  by  andbamnan