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John Franzen - Each Line One Breath (2011-)

Artist’s statement: 

"In the best case… and for this reason I draw … it’s as if the universe vibrates on my skin and wakes up a powerful emotion inside my body. It’s like I’m listening to the inaudible sound of the energy in the universe which flows around and through me . This triggers a feeling of conjunction with incomparable originality. I disappear completely as a person or thing and I merge completely this bare energy to merge with the whole being.

… When I draw, I draw the void. Not the line. I focus on the nothingness around the line. It is a sort of meditation. My mind is clear. My focus is on the mere moment. There is only this one moment. Every time the same moment.

Everything else is still. Never thoughts are louder and feelings profounder than in this moment. My mind transcends into bare presence. Personality becomes formless and nameless. With each breath the emptiness is filled more and more. 

With every line I get closer to my real origin…

Starting with a straight line, I draw each following sequence by copying the character of the previous. I concentrate on breathing and focus on drawing the successor. Again and once more. Again and again. In the process of drawing, my lines evolve into a kind of logarithmic pattern and layering, steered merely by aberrances and anomalies of human failure in contrast to the precision of a machine.

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